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“The Incredible Shrinking God” over at Rappahannock Mag

My latest article in Rappahannock Magazine is up and can be read here.  

Once again, my deepest thanks to Peter Willis and the rest of the staff of Rap Mag.  If you like what you read, you can show your appreciation by writing to them and patronizing their sponsors–or for that matter, you can be one yourself. 

Bonus:  If you want to see a picture of me, there’s one plastered in front of the article.  They did a good job photoshopping out almost all of my double chins.

Read My New Article in This Month’s Issue of Rappahannock Magazine

I’m glad to announce that an article of mine, “Religion’s Purpose Resides in Preparation for the Next World” was published in the July 2015 version of Rappahannock Magazine, a Virginia “free lifestyle magazine published monthly and distributed throughout the City of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties.”

You can pick up a hard copy in select locations around the Fredericksburg area, or view the article via FlipSnack.  (It starts on page 22.)

My deepest thanks to Peter Willis and the editorial staff of RapMag for this opportunity.  You can show support by contacting them, through your social media support, and by patronizing their sponsors.  My thanks also to Rabbi David Rudolph for theological review and input in writing this article (along with the years of teaching, care and discipleship he has provided).