Susan Goldberg: Want Judaism to Survive? Keep It Simple

As I scurry around my house preparing for Passover, the cynic in me recalls the old joke: “They tried to kill us. We won. Let’s eat.” Judaism is a very “Us” versus “Them” religion, often more within the community than outside. If you’re religious, the secular are the threat. If you’re secular, the religious are the problem. (Unless, of course, you’re secular with money, in which case you fund a new Yeshiva to assuage your guilt.) If you’re liberal, the Republican Jews are a problem. If you’re conservative, liberals are “bad Jews” And if you’re a socialist, anyone who is against BDS is part of a conspiracy to silence your anti-Occupation voice. Which leads me to wonder who exactly the “they” is in our infamous holiday joke? Are we really talking about Pharaohs and Hamans? Or are we the real threat to our own survival?

Something we never have to worry about, what with not being real Jews and all.


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