R. Russ Resnik on Joseph and his Brothers: To Earn Trust & Extend Trust, a general lesson on the issue of gaining and restoring trust.  But he also says this

And sometimes people say, "Yeshua would've died for me even in it was just me. If I was the only person on Earth, you would've died to redeem me." And I suppose that's the case, but really, the picture is much bigger than that.  Judah is offering himself in place of Benjamin, but it's part of the healing and restoration of the entire house of Israel. Judah's purpose has now aligned with his father Jacob' purpose and has aligned with Hashem's purpose--with the God of Israel's purpose-- to restore the whole house of Israel.  Messiah Yeshua doesn't only sacrifice himself to deliver X number of individuals, but he sacrifices himself to restore all Israel, to reveal the full extent of God's mercy to all the nations of the Earth and to draw in a remnant of all nations as part of that mercy, part of that restoration of Israel as the remnant of all nations, to display, to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven.

The beauty of scripture is that you can have context rich with Christological/Soteriological meaning, like the passages about Joseph and his brothers, but still derive from those exact same teaching practical, pragmatic lessons in ethics and behavior.


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