A good sermon from R. Michael Schiffman

If you accepted Yeshua because you lose the argument, that means that if someone comes up with a better argument, what are you going to do?  Give up faith?  It wasn't the verse, and it wasn't the arguments; I became a follower of Yeshua because I saw Yeshua in my friends....But if people let you see Yeshua in their lives, and you can see him, he is irresistible. At least he was to me.  I saw Yeshua in my friends' lives and I wanted to know him.  That's what got me to draw near to him, and that's how I became a believer

He goes on to discuss the extraordinary results of his organization’s outreach efforts in the Ukraine: Jews accepting Yeshua by the hundreds, partnership  with traditional Jewish organizations to aid thousands of refugees, over forty messianic congregations planted, food relief that feds thousands of elderly Jews and holocaust survivors (“If it weren’t for this soup kitchen, I would be dead. And if it weren’t for this soup kitchen, all these people would be dead” said an retired elderly Jewish physician).


Dr. Rivkah Adler: Rapture vs. Resurrection: Christian and Jewish Concepts of Redemptive Rebirth.

There is a very big theological conundrum of how (without resorting to supersessionism) we reconcile traditional Christian soteriology with certain passages of scripture that seem to promise a sort of Jewish universalism.

Israel Today: “If the invitation extended to Hamdallah was not enough to warn of the affiliations and heartfelt allegiances of the CATC conference organizers, then this year’s speaker lineup should remove all doubt.  This year’s speakers, almost without exception, are an impressive lineup of hard-core ecumenical supporters and supercessionists.”

In other words, Christ at the Checkpoint succumbs to Conquest’s Second Law.