R. Dauermann: Turning the World Upside Down Again: It All Begins at Home

Home-based shaping has been central to Jewish religious/spiritual identity formation development for millennia stretching back to the Exodus and the sojourn in the desert. Rightly understood, Judaism is a religion of the home. Michael Fishbane reminds us, “Traditionally, the home is the nuclear holy space and the family the nuclear ritual unit of Judaism.” And Erika Meitner is surely right when she comments, “There is no more important space in Judaism than the home; the vast majority of Jewish ritual practices and observances are carried out here.”[2] Underline that. Mark it with a highlighter. Note it well.
If the world of Messianic Jewish believers is to be established, sustained, renewed and passed on from generation to generation, the efforts of religious school, seminary and congregation will fail unless we begin at the center: the home. It is for this reason that Jewish religious discourse terms the home a Mikdash M’at, a little holy sanctuary. This is the center. This is the microcosm from which blessing proceeds to the macrocosm of life.

He also references his “pilot program of household spiritual renewal termed HaB’er (the Well), as part of what will become the HaB’er Havurah Network.”  I’ve been hearing, in recent years, multiple Christian and MJ sources promote smaller, home-based gatherings. 


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