“The Cycle of Apocalyptic Thought” over at Rappahannock Mag

Installment #1 of some Rappahannock Magazine articles I’ve been meaning to link to

A religious, apocalyptic view is the modest proposal that the same God who had a prominent role in the beginning of the world will also have a prominent role in the end of the world, or at least in preventing its end. It then follows that as we come closer to that final point, God will become more and more prominent. More religion, not less of it, is the reasonable response to the increasing technology and sophistication we see. Hope, not fear, is the theme of that coming holy day.

Yet again, my thanks goes out to Peter Willis and the staff over at Rap Mag. If you like what you read, you can show your appreciation by writing to them and patronizing their sponsors–or for that matter, becoming one yourself.


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