My Passover Blog Post about Not Having a Passover Blog Post

Drawing by Larry Gonick from “The Cartoon History of the Universe, Vol. II)

I need a Pesach blog post.  I mean, this blog is called The Afikomen Project, so if I don’t say anything about Passover it’s going to look a little out of sorts.  So I need a Pesach blog post.  Except I can’t write one.  Because I’m tired.  Spending the weekend cleaning your house, preparing and conducting a Seder for family and guests, then going to a Shabbat synagogue service, than to another Seder wears you out.  So in effect, I can’t write a blog post about the celebrating Passover in a Messianic Jewish context because I’m too busy celebrating Passover in a Messianic Jewish context.

But if I were to write a post about Passover it would likely be an explanation of why this site is called The Afikomen Project.  Said blog post would discuss the eerie Messianic symbolism of the Afikomen in the Passover Seder.  I would discussed the arguable Trinitarian significance of there being three matzos, the middle one of which is broken and then hidden away from the Jewish people at the Seder.  I would discuss the eschatological significance of the Afikomen hunt, where the youngest generation of Jewish people at the end part of the Seder seek out the Afikomen, and those who find them receive a prize.  (I would also when writing such a paragraph be careful to capitalize “Afikomen” repeatedly so as to emphasize the connection with Yeshua.)

I would discuss how the hidden manna in Revelation 2:17 is possibly a reference to the Afikomen in the Seder–or at least Second Temple period proto-Seders celebrated during Passover (or prophetic of modern Seders?!).  Of course, I would also have to discuss how the Last Supper was in effect a Passover Seder with Yeshua making himself this Afikomen.  This would lead to references to the Road to Emmaus incident, with Yeshua literally hidden in the midst of two Jews.

I would write all these things if I had any time and energy left over from a matzah and grape juice induce stupor, except I would clean up all of these references to make sure I was not misstating or overstating anything, like a real theologian would do, instead of some random MJ dude with a blog. . . . except someone already beat me to the punch.  I would highly recommend Rabbi. Dr. David Rudolph’s sermon on this subject and as a general explanation of this blog’s name.

Now off to take a nap.  Happy Easter to all my Christian brothers. 


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