Well Aloha to You Too. . .

Here’s my answers to Derek Leman’s Friday Questions for this week:

1. Why do so few people read any blog I post on Friday?

In general, weekends tend to be the slowest times for the blogosphere (although intriguingly, commenters tend to be more active over the weekend).  I can only imagine this trend being increased by Shabbat observance of our audience.

2. Besides Messianic Jewish Musings, a website related to faith issues or Bible or theology or Judaism that I read a lot is:

I’ve been follow closes the Messianic Jewish Prayer Group on Facebook these days; they have alot of intriguing discussion.  Also, I follow the webcasts of Fellowship Bible Chapel in Columbus, OH, especially John Haller’s Bible prophecy updates.

3. Besides the web, places I turn for additional education about faith, Bible, Judaism, theology, include:

In recent years I’ve taken MJTI courses, though I had to refrain this year due to lack of funds and some general life craziness.  Really, I’ll read any dead-tree media that intrigues me, mostly borrowed from a local university library.  But the truth is that the Internet is where its at; there really isn’t much out there that isn’t either (a) on the web, or (b) referenced on the web but behind a paywall or in super old source material that hasn’t been fully uploaded yet.

4. Why are the most popular topics, by far, on MJ Musings anything related to Paul, Gentiles, or Torah observance?

Because, frankly, too many in the Messianic movement are stuck obsessing over identity issues to focus on anything else.  It gets really boring after a while.  Also, it’s a dog-whistle for all kinds of One-Law heretics and other eccentrics to come out of the woodwork and start trolling a weblog.

5. When it comes to video blogs I:

. . .have never seen them.

6. The biggest issue MJ Musings doesn’t talk about enough is:

Stuff that isn’t argumentative theology, that just stops and smells the roses and just appreciates the irony and humor of it all.  Also, you can link to and talk about other blogs and writings more.  Such a connectivity is what makes the blogosphere run, blessing and being blessed with and through web traffic.

7. This last question is to help me understand how to get out and speak to more groups around the U.S.

I wish I knew since I’d like to connect with broader forums myself.  That being said . . .

f. I’d love to be part of a group with a live presentation about one of the topics commonly represented at MJ Musings.

Let me know when you plan on coming to Richmond or thereabouts.


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